Bebawinigi II Psychedelic – Industrial – Blues II Italien



attenuation circuit präsentiert:

[singer – composer – multi-instrumentalist – psychedelic – industrial – alternative – blues / Italien]

Lillmeyer / Stadlmeier
[electroacoustic improvisation / Augsburg]

(Virginia Quaranta) 
is an Italian experimental singer, actress, music composer and multi-instrumentalist defined by the press “The new female Tom Waits” or „The young italian Diamanda Galas“.

The awards received at Cannes Film Festival 2014 and 2015, “Nastro d’Argento” 2015 and Roma Creative Contest 2015 for her work as main actress and music composer of Fulvio Risuleo’s short films (Risuleo is the rising star of the new Italian cinema), was worth for the first Bebawinigi videoclip “Cugino Itt” directed by Fulvio Risuleo.
On April 2016 her self-named multifaceted debut album „Bebawinigi“ came out, raising enthusiastic national and some international reviews and interviews that had compared the young artist to Diamanda Galas, Bjork, Tom Waits, Lydia Lunch, Demetrio Stratos, PJ Harvey.
At the end of april 2016 the webzine RockIt released the Bebawinigi’s second videoclip “Fabula”, created by the director and visual artist Andrea Sorini, who has done the web and tv tour too.
During 2016 and 2017 Bebawinigi performed in Italy and overseas with
great success. Her show is very theatrical and engaging, it alternates lively and burlesque to more relaxed and solemn moments, at times with a violent and industrial impact, with improvisations on metal sheets and objects of various shape, and with voice and electronic improvisations.
The artist is currently working on her second album which will be out in the next year. She just finished the original soundtrack of “Guarda in Alto”, first Fulvio Risuleo’s feature film, in which she will be also an actress. For the occasion she has collaborated with two friends and also amazing musicians
Lili Refrain and Sun Araw.
She has a side project, a folk-acoustic-dadaistic band called Soft Shell Turtles.
On January 2017 came out the first EP called “Trullo”.
In the pipeline there are also two new videoclips and a new collaboration with Teho Teardo.

live videos:

Lillmeyer / Stadlmeier

The music of Lillmeyer/Stadlmeier raises out of the tension between their different approaches to music, and furthermore they even switch roles as Harald Lillmeyer as a guitar player uses only electronics and Sascha Stadlmeier, which is most known by his moniker EMERGE, working in the fields of experimental drone and musique concrete, only uses the guitar and bass as sound source in real-time. Together they explore the world of pure live improvised music, trying to cross the borders between traditional composition and experimentalism.

Harald Lillmeyer: electronics
Sascha Stadlmeier: guitar, bass, effects

Montag, 23.04.18

Kanalstraße 15
86153 Augsburg

Einlass 20:00
Beginn 21:00 (pünktlich!)

Eintritt: Euro 5 + (Euro 5 empfohlene Spende für die Künstler)
ermässigt. (Schüler…): Euro 2


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re:flexions sound-art festival 20 07 18

flyer-open call



sound-art festival
20 07 18


Dear all,

for the 3rd time we will set up again a mini-festival here in Augsburg !
same festival – different concept this time

open for submissions !

line-up will consist of 10 artists
there will be 5 collaboration-sets
we will connect 2 artists for each set that haven’t played together so far
so this will be their first ever encounter and a unique happening
their aim is to work out a collaboration set for the festival in advance
this can be a new composition or an improvisation

get in contact:

– please include a short bio, artist picture and sound/video links and expected travel costs
– please tell us if you want to compose a new piece with your partner or aim to improvise
– please tell us the instruments you play
– please tell us if you use visuals
– please also state if you are a member of GEMA or any other royalty collecting organization
ATTENTION ! submissions with any missing information won’t be accepted

all experimental musical styles are welcome
exception: no harsh noise / we concentrate on more quiet music

deadline: April 1st

– we will cover travel costs and a surplus will be shared among all artists
– free food and drinks will be provided during the whole stay
– you are fine with private accommodation
– local artists: you host your (inter)national partner for up to 3 nights
– you provide an exclusive track for an online compilation until May 1st
– you are a solo artist

this is a diy festival with the aim of connecting local artists and audience to the (inter)national experimental scene. Beside the unique musical experience we want to focus on a cultural exchange.


Looking forward to your submissions !

Sascha aka EMERGE/attenuation circuit




attenuation circuit präsentiert:

[8-bit soundscapes / Deutschland]

[noise — electroacoustic / Ungarn-Deutschland]

[audiovisual collage / Serbien]

LDX#40 (Frankfurt) erforscht seit bald zwei Jahrzehnten die musikalischen Möglichkeiten des Commodore C64 und fusionierte diese mit einer Vielzahl anderer Klangelemente.

Dazu kommen Videoarbeiten – sowohl als Liveimprovisation wie auch in Form von Studioproduktionen, gerne auch in Kollaboration mit anderen Künstlern.

LDX#40 ist auch Mitveranstalter der Konzert- und Projektreihe Xerox Exotique in Frankfurt am Main.


The phenomenon of Rovar17 (Insect17 in English) was born 31st of August 2002, what is basically Kálmán Pongrácz’s solo project, but different kinds of collaboration often occur with musicians, visual artists, performers as well as theater, so Rovar17 is a member of several bands as ParaNoiZ, Royal Hungarian Noisemakers or the Százaségő was (2013-2015).

The music is made by audio collage technique, which rejects the traditional sound system, harmony, melody, even rhythm, and creates compositions from inconsistent and untempered sounds, noises. The source is natural or electronic, But the most preferred is the inclusion of human voices.

This act has already seen more than 300 concerts and performances, and has played all across Hungary, in Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Danmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom and the United States of America.

EMERGE (Augsburg) lehnt sich an die minimalistischen Traditionen des Experimentalismus und der nicht-akademischen Geräuschmusik an. Der Fokus liegt auf der Generierung von Klanggebilden, die frei interpretierbare Atmosphären an die Oberfläche holen sollen. Die Auswahl der verwendeten Klangquellen ist meist sehr eingeschränkt und die ursprünglichen Klänge selbst durch diverse Verfremdungen höchstens rudimentär erkennbar. Oft wird auch Basismaterial von diversen Künstlern/Musikern verwendet und recycelt.

Zudem betreibt EMERGE das Augsburger Label attenuation circuit und organisiert Konzerte für zumeist experimentelle Musik in Augsburg.

GENESIS (Belgrad) is experimental AV performance, based on digital decontextualized collage, which elements losing their original forms and meanings and acting independently like pure perception experience with emphasize on interaction between sound and picture.

Dienstag, 20.03.18

Kanalstraße 15
86153 Augsburg

Einlass 20:00
Beginn 21:00 (pünktlich!)

Eintritt: Euro 5 + Euro 10 empfohlene Spende für die Künstler
ermässigt. (Schüler…): Euro 3


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attenuation circuit präsentiert:

[dark ambient / Polen]

[experimental noise / USA]

[musique concrète / Deutschland]

LAST KING OF POLAND (Tomasz Ryszard Jurczak) is a Polish noise artist from Chicago who has for the last years traveled the world, touring Japan and the United States extensively. He just got back to Chicago from his first European tour which took place in May and June. There he will be recording his debut LP, Insular, at Electrical Audio. Previously he has released ten cassettes on different labels, the newest being an improvisational collaboration with Japanese noise artist Go, out on 1980 records.

His whole creation in itself is an identity crisis, between two different worlds. Back and forth between American brashness and Polish chivalry which he brings out with loops and samples of waves and everyday life. His performance is unique. Muted, he would look like a vivid story teller, passionately explaining his travels through outer space with sadness in his heart.
Unreleased demo:

LIMITED LIABILITY SOUNDS is a Polish ambient/experimental musician Adam Mankowski – composer and sound artist, who loves the textures fusion of classical/electro-acoustic music with the electronic digital ones. Music from the sign LLS is a mixture of drones, experimental electronics, ambient, sometimes noise and field recordings. LLS has regularly been touring in Europe, and in September 2017 was on tour in Japan where he did quite a few gigs in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. Since his debut in 2006 Mankowski has already released a handful of albums under different names.

EMERGE is inspired by the minimalist traditions of experimentalism and non-academic noise music, focusing on generating sound structures intended to make atmospheres emerge that are open to each listener’s own interpretation. The choice of sound sources used is usually very limited. In most cases only rudiments of the original sounds are recognizable due to various treatments. EMERGE also uses and recycles raw material from a variety of artists/musicians.

EMERGE also runs attenuation circuit, a label for experimental music and is an organizer for mostly experimental music located in Augsburg, Germany.

Freitag, 02.02.18

Kanalstraße 15
86153 Augsburg

Einlass 20:00
Beginn 21:00 (pünktlich!)

Eintritt: Euro 5 + Euro 5 empfohlene Spende für die Künstler
ermässigt. (Schüler…): Euro 3


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Federico Dal Pozzo & Nikolas List & Viscera///

Viscera - Nikolas List - Fedrico Dal Pozzo


präsentiert von attenuation circuit:

[electroacoustic / Italien]

[virtual realities / USA-Mexiko]

[psychedelic post-metal / Italien]

FEDERICO DAL POZZO (Venice,1976) lives in Turin, Italy.
Concrete Composer and Musician, studied drumming with Mario Bracco and Vittorio Panza. In 1999 he joined the DADADANG (percussion parade in motion) with he has playing around the biggest festivals in Europe and beyond (Moscow, Paris, London, Graz,…).

In 2007 he graduated in “Audio Recording and Music Production“ in Recording Workshop (Chillicothe,Ohio_U.S.A.) and He studied
“WaveField Synthesis“ with Hubert Westkemper (Milan-Italy). In 2014 He studied in Corfu (GR) at “Summer Academy of Electroacoustic Music and Live Electronics” with Annette Vande
Gorne and Theodoros Lotis, and “Improvised Music in small and large Ensemble” with Carlos Zingaro (2014, Atouguia da Baleia-P). In 2016 He studied “Intuitive Music” with Markus Stockhausen (Venice-I). His works, appointed “Untitled_”, are based upon concrete objects and the transfiguration and perception of the
sound and audio- spatialization. He’s a Sound Designer in various theatre and dance companies in Italy, France, Belgium, Israel,…. He plays around Europe (Berlin, Wien, Nantes, Oslo,…) and he works in various Italian Foundations for Audio-Installations and Live Performance (Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Castello di Rivoli, Promotrice dell Belle Arti, The Others,…).

Nikolas List
is an American/Mexican music producer and
filmmaker currently based in Brussels. His approach to
making music draws on his cinematographic background
and his conviction that there is beauty and music in every
His live performances are designed to be unique, immersive
experiences where the listener is free to either dance, meditate
or just bask in exciting and enticing soundscapes.

is a psychedelic post-metal trio based in northern Italy.
Established in 2000, the band has been experiencing the combination among the darkest sides of many underground genres like grindcore, black/death metal, ambient, drone and of course psychedelic music.
During their quite long lifetime Viscera/// have been releasing a huge amount of albums and parallel works, while playing hundreds of shows across Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Israel, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain and Switzerland.
Past and current members also generated Beta, Berlikete, Blanca Division, Formalist, Malasangre, The Drop Machine, Dyskinesia, Morkobot, Mount Piezein Circle, Self Human Combustion, Zolle and more.

Freitag, 08.12.17

Kanalstraße 15
86153 Augsburg

Einlass 20:00
Beginn 21:00 (pünktlich!)

Eintritt: Euro 5 + Euro 10 empfohlene Spende für die Künstler
ermässigt. (Schüler…): Euro 3


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XQM – Bad Girl – Petrolio



präsentiert von attenuation circuit:

[industrial dronescape / Köln]

[avantgarde drone / Italien]

[doom drone / Italien]

xqm : Klangtechnische Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt Köln

Das duo aus Köln & Koblenz erstellt freie Klangcollagen im
analog/digitalen Klanglabor.
Ein gepflegter noise floor die den geneigten Kenner und
Geniesser tief in das mediale Geschehen eintauchen lässt.

xqm wird gerne wie folgt klassifiziert : ambient, drone,
industrial, noise, experimental

xqm sind:
Manuel Schaub : Sequenzer (ULTHA,atka,End Of Silence …)
Matthias Weigand : Synthesizer (7 Minutes Of Nausea, End Of
Silence, Corium …)


Bad Girl
(based on Florence – Italy) is the solo project of Leonardo Granchi.
Started playing electronic music with the band Downward Design Research he approaches to continue the expression of their imaginary sound through the use of the machines.
The language that emerges is minimal and dark, between ambient, kraut, field recordings and soundtrack carpenter’s atmospheres.
Over time he improves the live set by placing visual and presenting the songs always like new. Numerous collaborations with italian musicians: Naresh Ran, Valerio Orlandini, Nicola Savelli, David Valecchi and other international artists including Z’ev and Sandblasting. All these nuances lead to the creation of „Cosmi“, the first official album of the project in which the radical use of true and proper instrumentation – as opposed to the more common use of computers – helps make the sound deep, really „played“ and totally non-artifact.


Petrolio was born in 2015 by Enrico Cerrato, an active music player in various genre, metal (Infection Code), industrial (Gabbiainferno) and jazz / noise / punk (Moksa).
In the Spring of 2017, Petrolio will release „Di Cosa Si Nasce“.
The album will be co-produced by DreaminGorilla Records, Dio Drone, Taxi Driver Records, Vollmer Industries, Toten Schwan Records, Screamore, E‘ un brutto posto dove vivere, Brigante Records and Edison Box.

Freitag, 17.11.17

Kanalstraße 15
86153 Augsburg

Einlass 20:00
Beginn 21:00 (pünktlich!)

Eintritt: Euro 5 + Euro 5 empfohlene Spende für die Künstler
ermässigt. (Schüler…): Euro 3


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Doc Wör Mirran & Gormley/Stadlmeier & Albert Plank

DOC WÖR MIRRAN-Albert Plank-neu


präsentiert von attenuation circuit:

[kraut-rock / Fürth]

[improv / Berkeley-Augsburg]

Albert Plank
[chained fieldrecordings / Regensburg]

Joseph B. Raimond
Stefan Schweiger
Adrian Gormley
Michael Wurzer

The actual name „Doc Wör Mirran“ was thought up by Bernard H. Worrick while he and Joseph B. Raimond lived together in San Francisco in 1982. But the real history of DWM begins when Bernard H. Worrick and Joseph B. Raimond both moved to Nürnberg Germany in 1985, where Joseph B. Raimond bought an analog 8-track recording studio and began to record what has since become a huge body of recorded work. The concept of DWM though from the very beginning was to combine music, graphic art, painting, sculpture, poetry and just about every other medium of art into one project. The open-membership policy of DWM is an important part of the DWM philosophy.In the early 1990’s, Bernard H. Worrick moved to Florida, taking with him an important part of the group’s identity. But DWM has continued onwards without Bernard. Bringing Bernard back to Germany and returning him to the DWM fold has become one of the goals of the group. Although rarely playing live, DWM is not averse to live concerts, although playing live is not one of the priorities of the group. Since the departure of Bernard, DWM has become especially interested in collaborative efforts with other artists, both recorded and live. Recent developments with DWM include the formation of a new label within MT Undertainment devoted exclusively to the recordings, literature and artwork by DWM and its various members.ör-Mirran-1113651892007645/

Adrian Gormley: sax
Sascha Stadlmeier: guitar, effects

Even though Adrian Gormley plays a variety of instruments including clarinet, bass clarinet, and piano, his preferred instrument for musical expression is alto sax. He has played with a variety of bands including his straight ahead jazz combo, and torchy lounge act Frenchy. He has also engaged in experimental and free improv music, playing with Doc Wor Miran, and his own project, The Ambassador Trouts, in which he fuses electronic beats and sounds with horn lines. Sometimes the horn lines are jazz melodies, and sometimes they are noisy and cacophonous.

Asiask ist Albert Plank, Initiator des kleinen Fieldrekording Festivals Regensburg und Grenzgänger zwischen Videoart, Klanginstallation und Industrial.
Den klassischen Methoden des Fieldrekordings werden Hemmungseffekte hinzugefügt. Verschiebungen in den gewohnten Lautstärkeverhältnissen, Manipulation von Zeit (timestretching) und Tonhöhe (pitchshifting) führen in abstrakte und somit innere Räume.
Die Manipulation des Materials erfolgt durch die Selektion der Aufnahmen, ihre digitale Bearbeitung und bei der Aufführung. Dabei entstehen Klangwelten von morbider Zerbrechlichkeit, meditativ ohne Süßlichkeit. Schönheit hört man an den seltsamsten Orten.
Zur Aufführung kommt die Collage: In 24 Minuten um das Ich, mit Material aus dem Asiask-Archiv, Aufnahmen vom August des Jahres 2007 und Einspielungen.

Samstag, 14.10.17

Provino Club
Provinostr. 35, 86153 Augsburg

Einlass: 20:00
Beginn: 21:00 (pünktlich!)

Eintritt: € 8

Das Konzert ist Teil des Flohdular – Musik – Gestöber

Eintritt gilt für das Gesamt-Event

0101 (cinematic postrock / Rosenheim) – EMERGE



präsentiert von attenuation circuit:

[cinematic postrock – av performance / Rosenheim]

[drum drones / Augsburg]

sind Daniel von Rüdiger und Carl. Sie vereinen Fieldrecordings mit Gitarrenloops und Sampledrums zu Cinematic Postrock. Die Kombination aus sozialdokumentarischen Aufnahmen und loopbasierter Musik nimmt die Rezipierenden mit auf eine Reise ohne in Ambient oder Drone hängen zu bleiben. Am Ende steht man wieder am Anfang, ohne zu wissen wie man dort angekommen ist.

Daniel von Rüdiger
ist Filmmemacher, Musiker, Fotograf und Dozent. Seine Musikvisualisierungen wurden auf internationalen Filmfestivals gezeigt und mit dem Visual Music Award ausgezeichnet. Er arbeitet als Sozialdokumentarist für verschiedene NGOs und unterrichtet an der Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst in Basel. Seine Arbeiten wurden unter anderem im Gropius-Bau (Berlin), Rietberg Museum (Zürich) und der Queensland Art Gallery (Brisbane) ausgestellt. Seine künstlerische Forschung im Zuge eines PhD an der Kunstuniversität Linz vergleicht visuellen und auditiven Rhythmus. Dabei vereint er seine Leidenschaften Rhythmus und Sozialdokumentation.

ist Gitarrenspieler, Mensch, Sozialarbeiter, Bürger, Veganer, Person und einiges mehr.
Als Gitarrist – Autodidakt; als Musiker – Analphabet. Sozialisiert durch Punkrock und Hardcore überwindet Carl die Grenzen musikalischer Konventionen und definiert sein Gitarrenspielen fernab eines Genres. Sein Interesse gilt alten Transistorverstärkern, analogen Effektgeräten und P-90 Pickups. Minimalistische Phrasen verdichtet Carl mittels Midibefehlen und synchronisierten Stereoloops zu monumentalen Klangteppichen.

new album:


Samstag, 16.09.17

Kanalstraße 15
86153 Augsburg

Einlass 20:00
Beginn 21:00 (pünktlich!)

Eintritt: Euro 5 + Euro 5 empfohlene Spende für die Künstler
ermässigt. (Schüler…): Euro 3


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präsentiert von attenuation circuit:

[acoustic dream pop / Schweden]

[industrial techno / Rennes]

[ambient noise / Rennes-Augsburg]

Gus Ring: das ist Acoustic Dream-Pop mit psychedelischen Einflüssen. Emotional, reduziert und mit dem Anspruch etwas eigenständiges zu kreieren.
Dazu gehört es auch, die vollständige Kontrolle über das eigene Schaffen zu haben. Aus diesem Grund ist seine Musik komplett DIY. Aufgenommen, gemixt und gemastert im heimischen Studio. Die fertigen Kassetten: handbemalt!
Seine Songs sind vielfältig inspiriert und so kann man die Einflüsse seiner Leidenschaft – der Meditation – heraushören. Wenn man es auf den ersten Blick auch nicht vermuten mag, auch sein Interesse an der Hausbesetzer- sowie der Metal- und Hardcore Punk-Szene finden sich in Gus‘ Musik wieder.
Das Debut „Boredomtapes“ erschien im Juni 2014 und ist neben Bandcamp nur auf 100 handbemalten Kassetten verfügbar. Weitere Veröffentlichungen folgten im Oktober 2014 sowie im April 2015.

In 2013, gildas brugaro began to only mix his own tracks under the name SRVTR (servator) to keep on the observatör work.
his palette goes to ambient/noise & industrial downbeat to a dark techno.
many aka or collaborations (the messenger, bunker palace, dark engineer…)

is a collaboration project of Gildas Brugaro aka SRVTR (Rennes) and Sascha Stadlmeier aka EMERGE (Augsburg).
It’s based on source sounds by SRVTR reworked by EMERGE first and then reworked by SRVTR again and so on. All further treatments used mostly the method of recycling without adding any new sounds. Apart from their current solo works, which are more in the vein of dark techno (SRVTR) and abstract musique concrète (EMERGE), SONOMETER’s music evokes dark atmospheres consistent of rough ambient noise.

Freitag, 18.08.17

Kanalstraße 15
86153 Augsburg

Einlass 20:00
Beginn 21:00 (pünktlich!)

Eintritt: Euro 5 + Euro 5 empfohlene Spende für die Künstler
ermässigt. (Schüler…): Euro 3

re:flexions / sound-art festival

festival-final Kopie

festival-pics Kopie


re:flexions / sound-art festival 2017
präsentiert von attenuation circuit:


Re-Drum [concrete drone / Russland]

Sterile Garden [industrial soundcollage / USA]

Acid Discharge [experimental soundscapes / Augsburg]

Dabit Vocem Austria [noise concrete / Österreich]

Jesus Jackson und die grenzlandreiter [lo-fi pop / Augsburg]

Zwang-Eriksson/Kiesewetter/Stadlmeier (improv / Augsburg)

Les Horribles Travailleurs [soundpoetry / Niederlande]

Fall Into Dry Lungs [noise core / Österreich]

Lavas/Magmas [psychedelic-industrial / USA]

Joux Joux [trap noise / München]–13

EMERGE [musique concrète / Augsburg]

Samstag, 22.07.17

Kanalstraße 15
86153 Augsburg

Einlass 19:00
Beginn 19:30 (pünktlich!)

Eintritt: Euro 5 + Euro 10 empfohlene Spende für die Künstler
ermässigt. (Schüler…): Euro 5


festival compilation with exclusive tracks by all participating artist for free download:


is a project of Pavel Aleshin, experimental musician from Orel/Russia. He uses field recordings and found sounds, his own voice, acoustic instruments and non musical objects to create a living environment, oscilating from warm calmness to ritualistic depths.
During past years Re-Drum played numerous amount of gigs all over Europe, sharing stage with Tzolk’in, Ratbag, Zbignew Karkowski, Roman Nose, Rovar 17 and others.


Sterile Garden
active since 2007, has over 30 releases on labels around the globe.
This project focuses on the intersection of geographical psychology and industrial decay through the mediums of tape manipulation, field recording, incorrect electronics, and amplified metal percussion. To reinforce sound collages, we often incorporate video and performance art elements into our live performances. This year’s performance will be solo, although the group has long-range audio correspondents.


Acid Discharge
Erosive urban musique concrète attacks pleasent ambience.
Acid Discharge extracts urban sounds and resonances and blurs the perception of recognizable noises. Field recordings, noises of old cassettes and various instruments collapse and turnaround between noise, music and chaos.


Dabit Vocem Austria
(Etched Traumas, attenuation circuit, Petroglyph Music) started first in June 2010, a half year before Mental Escape Pod was born. Vocals, Field Recordings, Noise, musique concrete, Elevator music and many other things.
You can even expect a noise-jungle or a field recording techno. Be surprised.


Jesus Jackson und die grenzlandreiter
aus Augsburg singen schöne Lieder über das Schlechte in der Welt, wobei lokale Bezüge immer wieder eine zentrale Rolle spielen. Die Themen ihrer Songs reichen vom Untergang der Augsburger Textilindustrie bis zu Fracking, von der Gentrifizierung in Pfersee bis zu den Lebensbedingungen in Asylunterkünften. „Passion statt Perfektion“



Eric Zwang-Eriksson: percussion
Jan Kiesewetter: EWI
Sascha Stadlmeier: guitar, bass, contact microphones, effects


Les Horribles Travailleurs
(Max Kuiper, The Netherlands) is active in the field of sound since january1982. Source of the name: ‚Lettre du Voyant, 15 mai 1871‘ by Arthur Rimbaud.

Soundcollage \ music \ soundpoetry \ installations, some of them interactive \ exhibitions with sound and visual works combined \ live performances in combination with installation and\or video \ collaborations \ remixes.
„…first the sound is heard of the knife, cutting the being from the false language…“ (lht)


Fall Into Dry Lungs
ist das kollaborative Projekt von Christoph F. (Dry Lungs Records / Feuersalamander auf Marzipan) und Petar S. (Fall Into Void Recs / Bruising Pattern) aus Wien. Seit 2015 spielen sie improvisierten Noisecore, ausgedrückt durch Effekt-Chains + Schlagzeug! Man hört Einflüsse aus verschiedensten Genres, beispielsweise Jazz, Grindcore, Noise, HNW, Slam und anderem. Seit Sommer 2016 wird auch an einem ersten Release auf Tape gearbeitet, welches sich durch den ausgeprägten Perfektionismus der beiden Mitglieder auch gerne etwas länger Zeit lässt.


Lavas Magmas
is the longest running musical project by Luis Gonzalez.
Started in 2008, LM has morphed substantially, but has always been inspired by the fragile webs that maintain our centrifugal reality, along with the lurking violence that bursts beneath our feet.

Field recordings, contact mics, sound sculptures, junk metal, magnetic tape, electronic and acoustic instrumentation have all played important roles in LM compositions.
Video is also a key element to LM, and often counterpoints the audio with visuals that change rapidly and morph in a rhythmic nausea. Luis Gonzalez is also a photographer, visual artist, and explorer of urban decay around the world.


JOUX JOUX aka King Young Ill
Not comfortable around most people, Joux Joux tends to
seek refuge in the relative solitude of his appartment.
Neighbors keep complaining about absurd bass lines,
distorted Kickdrums and inexplicable weird noises.
Their whining goes unheard.
Joux Joux doesn´t care and doesn´t fit.


lehnt sich an die minimalistischen Traditionen des Experimentalismus und der nicht-akademischen Geräuschmusik an. Der Fokus liegt auf der Generierung von Klanggebilden, die frei interpretierbare Atmosphären an die Oberfläche holen sollen. Die Auswahl der verwendeten Klangquellen ist meist sehr eingeschränkt und die ursprünglichen Klänge selbst durch diverse Verfremdungen höchstens rudimentär erkennbar. Oft wird auch Basismaterial von diversen Künstlern/Musikern verwendet und recycelt.



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