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[concrète ambient / Lodz-Augsburg]

[improv / München]

[sound and movement / New York]

LIMITED LIABILITY SOUNDS is the name of the Polish ambient/electronic musician Adam Mankowski. Project is active since 2006, when appeared first official CD-R release, titled – “So Hysterical!”. The name „Limited Liability Sounds“ is a kind of protest against the treatment of noise as a phenomenon that does not deserve the term as a musical genre. Mankowski always claimed that the noise is something natural, which has always accompanied man and has the same rights as silence. Music from the sign LLS is a mixture of drones, experimental electronics, ambient, sometimes noise and field recordings. For the last three years he has been working with a few skillful artists producers as Ishida Naoki (Japan), Stoned Wire (Hungary), Dao De Noize (Ukraine), Gimu (Brazil) and Luca Asari (Italy).


Norbert Stammberger:
* 1958, Coburg, lives and works in Munich.
Saxophonist, freelance composer and improviser, Master of Arts in Philosophy, founder of the GNU Records & Publishing and manager of KlangBuero(SoundOffice), Munich.

In the early 1980s Norbert R. Stammberger worked with the musicians like Chris Karrer of the German Kraut-Rock-Bands like Amon Düül II, Popol Vuh and Embryo. In this time he met Mal Waldron and worked with him for some performances with his Big Band sheets „The Secret Agent Suite“ and „Shingen Takeda Suite“. Then, in the 1990s, he met Fred Frith for a Fire-Sound-Performance in Munich. For a commissioned work for the Jewish Culture Center Berlin he came together with Allen Ginsberg for using his text „The Fall of America“ in a performance with the New York based Rock Band Klazmetics. In 2003 Norbert R. Stammberger played the „Werner-Luedi-Memorial-Concert“ together with the German Free Jazz musician Peter Brötzmann.

In the last 10 years Norbert R. Stammberger worked with the Beograd Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Bavarian Rundfunkorchester München, his own Ensembles Mambo Varèse, Torino Blackout DBL BTR and Tribal Error; There was also a Japantour with the Stammberger Pultz Melbye Tavil Trio and many other concerts like the Duo Stammberger Okuda, Stammberger Rettich (KlangBuero vs. Rettnoise) or Stammberger Despotakis, all exclusively in the free improvised way.
Since 2012 Norbert R. Stammberger is based in Munich with his KlangBuero(SoundOffice) for sampling unheard-of and strongly wanted sounds.üro/1444378539118340


Muyassar Kurdi (NYC): ‘Completely concentrated upon her bizarre ritual, the singer – dressed in black – emits tortured vocalisations and cries worthy of Yoko Ono in full flight… It’s incredibly in­your­face and perturbing but makes you smile too: the sheer pleasure of making a racket.’ -L ’ A l s a c e ( F r a n c e )

In performance, she explores the relationship between abstract sound and meta­primordial movement, obliquely confronting ideas of masculine subjugation by re­appropriating and then distorting hegemonically sexualised figurative motion and juxtaposing it with random, abrasive and jarring acoustic and electronic sound components along with wordless vocalisations.
A joyfully self­exorcizing ritualist, Kurdi studied voice and dance with legendary vocalist, dancer and ECM recording artist Meredith Monk via The House Foundation for the Arts as well as learning Japanese dance tradition Butoh with Tadashi Endo, director of the Butoh Center MAMU and Butoh Festivals in Germany, and Mexican master of the form Diego Piñon.

Samstag, 15.10.16

Kanalstraße 15
86153 Augsburg

Einlass 20:30
Beginn 21:00 (pünktlich!)

Eintritt: Euro 10
ermässigt. (Schüler…): Euro 3


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