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[experimental noise-poetry / Ungarn]

[avantgarde noise / Japan]

[64core / Frankfurt]

[electroacoustic improvisation / Frankfurt-Augsburg]

Tóth Kína Hegyfalu are two Hungarian experimental musicians and visual artists – Kinga Toth (visual-and sound poet, extensive vocal: and Normal Gergely (fine artist, guitar, keyboard: play in experimental-noise style with folk and dark ambient elements. Their performances contain improvised and instictive sounds and harsh guitar noises, The distorted industrial instrumentation (guitar, keyboard, flut) serving as counterpoint and complement to Kinga’s poetry, which takes the form of aggressive growls and wails. Their work is characterized by alienation and sometimes their sounding makes the listener feel uncomfortable.

„The Village 0-24 comics of the Toth Kina Hegyfalu art collective represents the apocalypse of the rural along folk-surrealism and agro-trash.In the issue the brutalist comics-aesthetics and visionary poetry mingles with experimental noise music.“

GO creates the edge of waves with overtone and beat.
BAIKAPANIK, trio with Hagaken and Mariwo in Osaka, plays new mix of electronic progressive groove and japanese rhyme.
JIKU55, psychic noise core duo with Maria Jiku in Berlin, has made four tours around Europe with real noise&bdsm audio-visual performance since 2010.
A SEED is art core punk project with Hide Ultra Bide‘ in Kyoto.


…is an audio/visual project with many faces.

The musical side experiments with the abilities of the Commodore C64’s SID chip to create multi-layered soundscapes. LDX#40 staggers along the thin line between the twin mine fields of experimental and pop music, occasionally setting off noisy explosions on both sides.

The visual side is a monochromatic trip through artifical worlds, the demo scene’s alien landscapes and subject matter involuntarily bubbling up from the subconscious… processed through a mind fed on all kinds of celluloid – and video – banalities and extremities.

No two live performances are the same – each one is created according to the prevalent conditions, moods and interests. The entity LDX#40 is moving – continously morphing and shifting – towards a still unknown destination…

Besides his personal work, LDX#40 is also co-founder of and active with Phonophon, the leading concert series for experimental music in the Rhein-Main area.

Eigenidyll sind Sascha Stadlmeier (EMERGE, Augsburg) und Tobias Schmitt (Suspicion Breeds Confidence, Frankfurt). Für dieses Projekt bewegen sie sich aus ihren jeweiligen rein elektronischen Komfortzonen, um als „Gitarrenduo“ zu improvisieren. Dabei werden die Sounds der Gitarren mittels der jeweiligen Processing- und Loop-Maschinerie bearbeitet. Die unterschiedlichen Herangehensweisen bzgl. Verwendung der Instrumente und der Verfremdung der Klänge verschmelzen schlußendlich zu etwas eigenartig Neuem.

Freitag, 23.09.16

Kanalstraße 15
86153 Augsburg

Einlass 20:00
Beginn 20:30 (pünktlich!)

Eintritt: Euro 10
ermässigt. (Schüler…): Euro 4


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