re:flexions sound-art festival 20 07 18

flyer-open call



sound-art festival
20 07 18


Dear all,

for the 3rd time we will set up again a mini-festival here in Augsburg !
same festival – different concept this time

open for submissions !

line-up will consist of 10 artists
there will be 5 collaboration-sets
we will connect 2 artists for each set that haven’t played together so far
so this will be their first ever encounter and a unique happening
their aim is to work out a collaboration set for the festival in advance
this can be a new composition or an improvisation

get in contact:

– please include a short bio, artist picture and sound/video links and expected travel costs
– please tell us if you want to compose a new piece with your partner or aim to improvise
– please tell us the instruments you play
– please tell us if you use visuals
– please also state if you are a member of GEMA or any other royalty collecting organization
ATTENTION ! submissions with any missing information won’t be accepted

all experimental musical styles are welcome
exception: no harsh noise / we concentrate on more quiet music

deadline: April 1st

– we will cover travel costs and a surplus will be shared among all artists
– free food and drinks will be provided during the whole stay
– you are fine with private accommodation
– local artists: you host your (inter)national partner for up to 3 nights
– you provide an exclusive track for an online compilation until May 1st
– you are a solo artist

this is a diy festival with the aim of connecting local artists and audience to the (inter)national experimental scene. Beside the unique musical experience we want to focus on a cultural exchange.


Looking forward to your submissions !

Sascha aka EMERGE/attenuation circuit

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