Bodycocktail – The big Black riding Hoods

BODYCOCKTAIL - The big Black riding Hoods_flyer

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[egg spiro mental avant pop / USA]

The big Black riding Hoods
[mystic noise / horseback]

“Nobody loves you my way. My heart, my soul, my way.” Across 25 years Zan Hoffman’s Bodycocktail project has nearly 250 releases ~ in excess of 2200 songs. Popular on Spain’s west coast in Galicia this artist from Kentucky has an extensive history in home-taping. 1984-2011 his label ZH27 was a networking powerhouse of creativity responsible for over 1100 releases including collaborations with over 300 artists worldwide. But these eye-watering figures do little to describe the wonder of his concerts. Zan’s live shows display consummate artistic commitment and are full of love and wonder. “Nobody loves you my way, no way!” he croons with the deepest sincerity. There are few artist that win over audiences unfamiliar to their work like Zan does.

ZH27 label

The big Black riding Hoods [capitalization their choice] are an illusive triumvirat shrouded in mystery. Who are they? What do they do? Why do they do it? And probably most pressing: WHAT are they?
Rumours abound: A rogue darknet AI made flesh through chthonic incantations? An escalated experiment in transgenetic altercation? Apocryphal angels avenging altered atavistic anachronists?
Come… and try to find out.

Freitag, 31.08.18

Kanalstraße 15
86153 Augsburg

Einlass 20:00
Beginn 21:00 (pünktlich!)

Eintritt: Euro 5 + (Euro 5 empfohlene Spende für die Künstler)
ermässigt. (Schüler…): Euro 3


24.08.18 villa, Augsburg:

GUIGUISUISUI [experimental art rock / China – UK]
Gerald Fiebig [electroacoustics – noise / Augsburg]
Stadlmeier [guitar-ambient / Augsburg]


31.08.18 villa, Augsburg:

BODYCOCKTAIL [egg spiro mental avant pop / USA]
The big Black riding Hoods [mystic noise / horseback]


28.09.18 villa, Augsburg:
HATE & MERDA [sludge / Italien]
LORØ [post hardcore / Italien]


12.10.18 villa, Augsburg:
CRANK STURGEON [experimental noise / USA]
IF, BWANA [dadaistic improv / USA]
EMERGE [musique concrète / GER]


TIPP ! 25.-28.10.18 abraxas, Augsburg:
lab30 – 17. Augsburger Kunstlabor


02.11.18 villa, Augsburg:

OCCUPIED HEAD [ambient electronica / Hamburg]
REMETEMEN [soft noise / Miskolc]
SAM HAVEN [drone ambient / Brisbane]


TIPP ! 23.11.18 abraxas, Augsburg:
FfIMA – 4. Festival für Improvisierte Musik Augsburg