12.04.19 Boolvar / Del_F64.0 / Trrmà




attenuation circuit präsentiert:

[flute-drums-rock / Frankreich]

[apocalyptic spacecore! / Deutschland]

[contemporary stochastic music / Italien]

Freitag, 12.04.19

Kanalstraße 15
86153 Augsburg

Einlass 20:00
Beginn 21:00 (pünktlich!)

Eintritt: Euro 5 + Euro 10 empfohlene Spende für die Künstler
ermässigt. (Schüler…): Euro 3


The flute is pushed to its utmost limits, drums are under pressure, electronics are everywhere ; we hear a voice beyond-flute. Innocence and laughter get close to a troubling and alarming world.
Lyrism is soon joined by the energy of Rock.

Delphine Joussein : flute, voice, effects
Franck Gaffer : drums




zustand d. (clarinet, synth, voice, electronics)
zara paz (drumcomputer, beatboxing, noises, percussion)

found in 2011 after the members played together in „cult of narah“ (several concerts f.e. at „phonautopsy“ exhibtion week at old pathology berlin charité, occupied technical university berlin, momento mori party), the project was in idea to connect improvised both electronic and accoustic music with activism and political performances.

the projectname is a statement against the psychiatric diagnosis „f64.0″ (gender identity disorder“, del = delete) as against psychiatry in general. first concerts were at the speedcore parties „trash n core“ in berlin and in several anarchist squats, soon the project started also playing and documenting street music (clarinet + percussion).

after violent experiences and random attacs while, before and after concerts the project became even more political and started performing + dropping activist messages & paroles at every gig and online presence.

zustand d. started playing electrified clarinet at liverecordings yet in early times of the project, while she used to play electric guitar, synth and other instruments at the beginning. the sound of del_f64.0 was permanently changing by using different hardware, instruments and ways to play. we also started to use a clarinet controlled bass synthesizer to reach a wider spectrum of tonality.




more infos: scroll down


Trrmà formed by Giovanni Todisco (percussion) and Giuseppe Candiano (synthetizers) is a visionary and multifaceted project from Italy known for their extraordinary stage presence and groundbreaking interpretation of contemporary works.

Based in Italy since 2015, TRRMA’ enjoys a versatile career in noise, contemporary and experimental scene across music festival ,gallery, art studios, clubs inside and outside Europe.

Since 2015 Trrmà toured Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Macedonia, Hungary, Roumenia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia, Poland, Czech, Lithuania, Latvia and in the next future they plan to tour Japan and Ethiopia.

Always striving for impactful exhibitions, Trrmà regularly embarks on high quality records always checking for new set up and new way of composition: The “MISSION” concert series, in which primordial sonic experiences are delivered by bringing out the universality of avantgarde and ancestral heritage, is a milestone of their projects.






Du möchtest unsere Veranstaltungen auch per e-mail erhalten?
Einfach kurze e-mail an dependenz@web.de


next live dates – Augsburg:

22.04.19 Kulturhaus abraxas, Augsburg:
BEBAWINIGI [singer-composer-multi instrumentalist
-psychedelic-industrial-alternative-blues / Italien]
live soundinstallation – found sounds – experimental – Frankreich]


17.05.19 Kulturhaus abraxas, Augsburg:
FITCHERS VOGEL „Tausend Jahre wie ein Tag“
[Rainer Braune – Martin Hackl – Alex Höss]


15.06.19 villa, Augsburg:
MATERIALEINSCHÜCHTERUNG [elektro-akustischer impro-kraut / Offenbach]
SUPERSTOLK [zuzweitunterhalter-punk / Offenbach]
elektrojudas [downbeat ambientronix / Augsburg]


19.07.19 Kulturhaus abraxas, Augsburg:
re:flexions / sound-art festival 2019


Del_F64.0 is a fight-parole against the psycho-pathologization of people and their bodies by the son-of-a-bitch diagnosis „gender-identitiy-disorder“ (F64.0), similar to the older pathologization of „homosexuals“ (until 1992), self-confident woman and so on. Psychiatry = murder, 1 „gender-cop“ = 1 bullet. Our music, art and other activist work is a permanent process to destroy the walls in the heads, media & perception of the people around us. We experience genitalistic violence, stigmatisation and exclusion all day, everywhere and coming from all direction. This is why we called out our Antigenitalistic Rrrriot – The Rrrriot to reclaim the planet and, even more, our bodies and what they stand for.

We do not believe in „the genitalistic worldorder“ nor in gender, nation or in any justice or real fun in capitalism. Our music is mostly improvised, from accoustic streetmusic influenced by klezmer, oriental music, european medieval songs and folk to speedcore, flashcore and extratone. Main influences are still bands and projects like La Peste, Einstürzende Neubauten, Györgi Ligeti, Helge Schneider Synapscape, Das Ich, Sodom, Slime & Napalm Death. Most of our liveshows contain wild improvisations over raw rhythmic uptempo drum patterns of the Korg Electribe combined with hypnotising electrified clarinet melodies, technoid synthlines and infernal voices that can temporarily change to a mysterious whispering, singing or meditative breathing.  We combine it most time with an each time special protrashy outfit and often a rude and disturbing spontaneos performance actions. Our concerts, performances and actions are clear statements against the actual mainstream media, power politics and „scientific“ definition of societies, bodies and health/illnesses. We are not believing in the „good“ psychiatry or the figure of the doctor as the clean (half)god in white, nor do we believe in the public image regarding men, women and, even more important, all these tabooed and oppressed other genders no one is talking with but about all the time. Our solidarity is with other female warriors as with other genders, agenders, hermaphrodites, intersex and with everyone fighting against repression, majority- and reproductivism-terror as also hierarchic laws that yet begin with all our births, cops and all kinds of authorities.

The genitalistic dogma [“person (born) with a penis = man / person (born) with a vagina = woman” = the genital is the center of a persons sex/gender] is part of a repressive, patriarchal mechanism deeply rooted in our society and analog to the heliocentric dogma (“the earth is the centre of the universe”) from the medieval times. It is also violently defended by a bundle of naturalistic fallacies to protect the supposedly “natural” privileges of a group of persons. Among other things we attack this repressive genitalistic “world order” by direct political actions, by spreading information and texts, and by supporting and declaring our solidarity with emancipatory people and groups who also fight against this specific kind of pluralistic oppression they suffer from. Like any other oppressor, fashist and/or defetist – don´t blame our bodies/genes – blame your propaganda and your normative education-programm! We interpretate the categorization and generalisation of people, genders and bodies as “trans”, “cis” or “inter” as a massive part of this normative repression.

We reject these categories totally because we made the experience that “trans” or “inter” is normally meant to be used as an accepted excuse to act in a mean, tolerant and exorbitant way towards repressed and unaccepted persons or groups or to keep a privelegue against these that is not fair nor acceptable. We also see that if a person or body is called “trans” or “inter” and not “cis”, this logically implies that something about this person or body is not correct or “in the right position” (logic of the word). We are fed up of this and look through this verbal discrimination and degradation of us, our bodies and outward appearances, also by people suffering under the same oppression. So we think, there is no need to support these categories and points of view, created by hateful and prejudice-driven psychiatrists and sexologists (look who created and invented the categories and words “transsexual”, “transgender” even as “intersexual” and still benefits from them inancially because of having dependend “patients”), if you need to talk about this kind of oppression, it is quite enough to differentiate between “wrong assigned” and “right assigned” persons. So we will not support anyone who still (foreign-) categorises us or our friends in categories like “trans” or “inter” in any form. We think that it is important to show the world that it is as easy as needful to write, think and act without human categories like “trans*”, “inter*” and “cis*” because these categories are just here to build, stabilise and justify prejudices, distance and traditional oppression that does not need to exist between us human beeings.

There is no way to separate the music from the activism that is a big part of our daily experience, as a natural and necessary defense mechanism also as a chance to create a new universe of freedom, pleasure and beauty in our own fuckin way.

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